Continuing the theme of the use of sign language in everyday life, it is worth noting the different poses and even gait, which we use without thinking about the meaning of their behavior. On gait, we can learn about the nature and temperament of the man, his relationship with society.

Quick and easy steps indicate impulsiveness and human desire. He confidently towards its goal. In contrast, the slow and hesitant gait gives nature of self-doubt. But in a slow walking has its own variation, if a person is deliberately slowly and even create the impression of stepping, the people want to show their importance.

As a rule, men tend wide steps, and women are small. And in life, we can observe how the stronger sex motivated and intolerant, women also are more cautious and take informed decisions.

Shuffling, too relaxed gait peculiar to individuals in crisis or staying in trouble. Also, it can be life inherent laziness, greed, depression.

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Bouncing gait has two options: either a person is in a good mood, or under the guise of «nice guy» hidden load of problems.

Ponderous gait gives arrogant, selfish, cruel, domineering personality. If a person while walking produces a lot of noise, thereby it is trying to attract attention and to feel important.

Also helps to know the personality and posture. Tension, stiffness of the body shows the closeness, insecurity, fear. «Disentangle» the situation indicates indifference, disinterest. Stoop — a sign of humble person, accountable to others’ influence. Highly raised shoulders — a defensive stance, drooping over — obedience is happening, lack of desire to change anything. Raising and lowering the shoulders evinces doubt, thought, decision-making.

The study of body language and gestures involved in physiognomy. By signals sent by the body can become the owner of valuable information that will help to make contact with others.

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